Till now we used to Star/Bookmark important emails in mailbox, but now you can star your WhatsApp messages also. Check our guide on how to Star WhatsApp messages and view them later.

WhatsApp is very famous when it comes to messaging. Users all across the globe have been using WhatsApp every now and then. WhatsApp, unlike the traditional messages, lets you send video, audio and pictures. This sets WhatsApp apart from other apps.

Till now we used to Star important emails, so we can distinguish the one that are most important. As per the latest updated version, WhatsApp for iPhone has included the same feature. You can Star better to call it bookmark messages in chats or from an individual sender.


Below is the guide on how to bookmark WhatsApp message using “Star” feature and also how to view Starred Messages.

How to “Star” WhatsApp Messages on iPhone To Read It Later

Step #1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp.

Step #2. Open WhatsApp and tap on the Chat.

Step #3. Now tap on any individual chat or a chat group in which you wish to Star a particular message.

Step #4. Long press the message you wish to Star.

Step #5. You will have a small pop-up bar above that message, tap the Star icon.


Once you tap the Star icon, that particular message from sender is Starred. To view Starred messages, you will need to tap on the sender name or group name and then tap on “Starred Messages”. This will show you all the Starred messages from that particular sender.


This feature is certainly useful, but at the same time WhatsApp should have used some more innovation as you need to tap on sender’s name in order to view his / her Starred messages. But what if you have huge number of WhatsApp messages Starred. It is not logical to check each and every sender for Starred Messages.

Instead there should be a separate option that stores all the Starred messages in one place. That would have made this feature a deserving round of applause.

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